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Gui Hebling

Front-End Web Developer


Web Development

nord agency

A Gatsby & Sanity website.Created with Gatsby.js, powered by Sanity as a headless CMS for content management, deployed and hosted to Netlify with a continuous deployment using Netlify's build hooks.Styled using styled-components and Tailwind CSS.Please refer to the GitHub README for the Figma design artboard and process of building the website.

React App - Smart Brain

Web application created with React and deployed to GitHub Pages using the CRA environment.The app uses a face-recognition API that detects the faces of an inputted image URL. For now, it is using a locally hosted server created using Express.js to log in, register, and counting the entry rank.It uses the CSS framework Tachyons for styling. The next step is to implement a database.

No Code / Web design



My name is Guilherme Hebling.I'm a Front-End Web Developer based in Oslo, Norway.Passionate about designing and developing clean and user-centered interfaces.


Front End

JavaScript, TypeScriptSass/SCSSHTML5, CSS3


React, Gatsby, Next.jsStyled-Components, Tailwind CSSMaterial-UI, Bootstrap


Contentful, Sanity, WordPress, WebflowGitHub Pages, Netlify, Gatsby CloudFirebase, Google Cloud


Figma, Adobe XD

Version Control

Git & GitHub


VS Code, Chrome Dev Tools

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